Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Convert YouTube clip into MP3 file

There are many ways to transform YouTube clip into various format. Here is an example to convert your favor YouTube clip into MP3 format and carry it with your MP3 player.

Enjoy your favor YouTube clips in a MP3 player

1. Download a Free YouTube to MP3 convert software from:
Free YouTube to MP3 Converter: extract audio from YouTube to mp3
Free YouTube to MP3 Converter: extract audio from YouTube video, download and convert YouTube video to MP3. Find more YouTube Converter tools on our site.
2. Install it.

3. Run "FreeYouTubeToMP3Converter.exe"

4. Cut/paster your favor YouTube clip URL into the first box.

5. Select a output file name and directory.

6. Pick up a quality setting that suit your hearing need and the MP3 player capacity.

7. Click MP3 tags to input information describe this YouTube clip.

8. Click Convert.

9. Wait few minutes until a window pop up says "Process is completed".

10. Click "Output folder" to find the result MP3 file.

11. Upload the generated MP3 file into your MP3 Media player.

12. Enjoy.

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